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Our success system allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a get 50% of discount just only recommending our plans to other people.


The system

The recommending system purchase is used for thousands of companies Woldwide.Goldbex uses the same strategy but with cryptocurrencies.


The Company

Since 2010 we are operanting with the same system and currently we are working in 133 countries around the Wold with thousands of customers.



More than 100 million people around the world are accumulating cryptocurrencies. Now with Goldbex, you have the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies with a 50% of discount just for recommending us.

How it works

Choose your plan and pay 50% on account of the amount of your purchase.
The remaining amount will be paid by recommending only 2 people to the same plan.
You can reserve your purchase ( down payment) with more than 20 different cryptocurrencies or by credit card.

Tether USDT

We use USDT as the cryptocurrency of choice for our purchase contracts.

Tether is a Stablecoin that has the value of the US dollar and is currently the fourth largest crypto market capitalisation digital currency.

Other cryptocurrencies

Once you have obtained the necessary recommendations to close your purchase contract, you will have the option to exchange your USDT for other cryptocurrencies.
On withdrawal you will be able to exchange your USDT and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tron in your wallet.

More Information

If you still have doubts and want to read in detail more about our Club we invite you to download the following informative file.

Our Plans

Crypto Plans

We have a total of 9 cryptocurrency accumulation plans, starting from 100 euros and they all work exactly the same. You get a 50% of discount on your purchase by referring other people to the same plan.

Basic Plans
Premium Plans
Platinum Plans

3 videos that you can't miss

Watch these three videos in order and sure that you can understand our philosophy and how you can adapt it to your lifestyle and achieve your goals

Financial Freedom

Crypto millionaires

Millions of people around the world are gaining financial freedom thanks to cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, accumulating cryptocurrencies is a smart decision.